Infant Care Program

6 weeks to 1 year

Your baby’s first year is an incredible time, filled with new discoveries and phenomenal growth. We understand that there is no better care than a mother’s, we strive hard to come a close second. Our specially trained and experienced Infant Care teachers build a bond of trust with your baby and you while providing a warm, loving, secure and nurturing environment. Our Infant Care teachers work with each child in a series of stimulating activities incorporated in the natural routines of feeding and play. They strengthen the babies’ development without disrupting their daily schedule through interactions with themselves and other children. As Infants learn to play parallel to other children, we begin seeing them achieve various milestones –

3-6 Months:

  • Copy the facial expressions and recognize familiar faces
  • Cry in different ways to communicate needs
  • Begin to babble
  • Identify their favorite toys
  • Roll over from stomach to back

7-9 Months:

  • Develop Social and Emotional skills like clingy with familiar adult
  • Begin communicating like understand No, make sounds, use fingers to point, copy sounds and gestures, Understand of cause and effect and American Sign Language
  • Improve cognitive skills like observe things as they fall, look for hidden things, play peek-a-boo, movement between hands, pick up small things like cereal etc.
  • Movement and Physical development like stand holding out, get into sitting position without support, crawl

10-12 Months:

  • Socially and emotional development like recognizing parents, familiar adults, toys and books, assisting while dressing and enjoy games like “Peek –a- boo”
  • Communication refines, children are able to shake head to say “No” and wave “Bye-Bye”, learn to try and mummer and speaking words used often
  • Cognitive skills improve, they are able to find hidden things, able to identify objects, photographs when named, copy gestures, use things correctly like using their cups, picking up their cereal and able to follow simple directions
  • Movements enhance, they are able to get to sitting position by themselves and sit without support, Try and hold things to stand and stand on their own

We recognize that the child’s first teacher is the parent, therefore, we will work with you to provide what is best for your child including personalized schedules, food habits etc.