Ivy Montessori Academy offers a smooth transition from early childhood program to private kindergarten, supporting the students enthusiasm for learning that carries throughout the school years; we follow all state guide lines and go beyond by providing problem-solving skills and reinforcing all the academic skills that your child will need to excel in the elementary years of their school years. These skills lead to a lifetime of productive work, good citizenship, and meaningful relationships.

Our Elementary program * provides an incomparable opportunity for continuous growth of children fostered in a Primary program between the age of six and nine. At this delicate stage of their life they need a meticulously laid, extensive program which utilizes their creativity, imagination, social behavior and allows them to become self-reliant whilst exploring their potential. Our curriculum encompasses the needs of the children at this critical stage, and not only helps develop their skills and knowledge but also is a setting stage to their approach towards learning new things through their life. Children prepare to cooperate, collaborate, use their creativity, reason, adapt and educate themselves which helps them gauge their interests and seek knowledge beyond the walls of their classroom. At the end of the curriculum, the elementary education gives children the freedom to become unique individuals who are academically proficient and are ready for the new opportunities of Elementary education.

*This program will be based on a minimum # of enrolled children.