3 to 6 Years

Starting at age 3, the preschoolers are completely Potty trained and are growing responsible and we help and guide the children through this process. Children are encouraged to explore, learn and master the various Montessori material and variations. Activities are presented by the teacher and then the child has the opportunity to practice and master these objective lessons. In addition to Montessori materials, the teacher has individual lesson plans, assessments and portfolios in which the child’s progress is tracked ensuring they are introduced to new concepts and continuously challenged. Our philosophy to keep a 3-6 year age group together is to allow the younger child to observe the older ones and learn.

  • Social and Emotional skills – They are able to help and seek help easily, Learn team work and taking lead, showing how tasks are completed. They learn to distinguish right way of doing a task and social courtesies
  • Language/Communication skills – They step in to the phase of spelling words. The younger ones practice through sand and also learn watching their peers write and also learn Spanish. They are introduced to vowel sounds and rhyming words which augments their vocabulary
  • Cognitive skills – Activities like Yoga, Art work widens the child’s imagination and the activities done provoke questions using which they get introduced to various related activities varying from Math to Science. Children are allowed to practice activities on computers

Movement/Physical Development – They begin climbing, learn more complexed activities, and participate in soccer, yoga, dancing and gymnastics allowing the children to become more calm yet flexible and strong.