1 to 2 Years

As infants mature and become toddlers, it’s important to continue to stimulate their senses and guide them as they explore their world. Montessori curriculum is gradually introduced to toddlers to lay the foundation for future learning successes. During this period, your child will learn skills that include sorting objects by color and size, categorizing items, and building an early vocabulary. All this is enriched with music and movement, group time, self-expression through art, sound and alphabet recognition. Toddlers are encouraged to become independent while learning to follow the natural progress of the classroom and guidance around them. By the time they are ready for beginners program they achieve the below milestones:

  • Social and Emotional skills – They begin copying their teacher’s, older children and adult gestures, get excited, become more independent while doing activities, learn to become part of group activities too and become more focused
  • Language/Communication skills – Identifying and pointing at things or pictures, learn about body parts, say sentences of 2-4 words, follow simple instructions, able to remember and repeat names
  • Cognitive skills – Improved solving skills, sort shapes and colors, complete familiar sentences and sing rhymes, play socially, build simple structures through building blocks, follow routines, identify familiar pictures in books
  • Movement/Physical Development – Begin walking on their own, stand on tip toe, like kicking football, begin running, learn climbing stairs on their own, like playing catch, participate in dance and able to identify and copy geometrical figures

From a greater awareness of basic patterns and ability to identify basic colors to increasing attempts to perform self-care skills independently, the toddler classroom is a great experience at school.