At Ivy Montessori Academy we are always looking at inspiring the children with new and creative ways of learning different things which help them

acquire life lessons beneficial for their future –

Yoga – Yoga is advantageous for children in many ways. As children come across emotional, social, and physical tasks or conflicts, a dedicated and planned yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures can be amazingly important for them. At Ivy Montessori Academy our yoga instructor helps children get more calm and flexible using the various forms

Fine arts – The best way to nurture children’s creative mind and broaden their vision is to allow them to illustrate their thoughts with colors and sketches. This helps them open the doors to their imagination and innovation which helps them get inspired

Soccer – A vigorous and sporty way of providing the children physical exercises. Playing as a team helps them with team bondi

ng, leadershi

p skills and most importantly discipline.

Dance and Music – Music & Dance helps children develop language, reasoning and improve physical fitness. It also helps them improve their coordination and provides them a sense of achievement. Our school encourages children to participate and express themselves through dance and music

Gymnastics – Another form of physical exercise which make children flexible, disciplined and provides them the sense of balance and coordination of different body parts. In the kid friendly program associated with the school children are taught to tumble, run, jump, twist etc. associated with movement skills and fine motor skills

Computers – Our varied curriculum based activities available on computers help children learn the basics of computer. Typing, recognizing keys, being able to navigate to find their activities. We restrict internet access for children to provide them basic computer education in a controlled environment